The Role of the Exhaust System

April 23rd, 2018 by

Your vehicle has an exhaust system that is made up of several different parts. Some of these include the manifold, O2 sensors, muffler and the catalytic converter. The exhaust system is designed to reduce vehicle noise and harmful vehicle emissions in the atmosphere.

At times, parts of the exhaust system will malfunction. If you notice that your vehicle is making a lot of noise when you accelerate, that might be a sign of an exhaust problem. You may notice a popping sound from the muffler when the exhaust system is not working properly. Sometimes, the check engine light will come on when there is an exhaust system issue with your vehicle.

If you believe that there might be an exhaust system issue with your vehicle, come to Nelson Honda located in Martinsville, VA. They can diagnose any problems with the system, and they can provide the service needed to repair your vehicle.

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