Choosing a Good Mechanic Includes Knowing Their Experience

June 12th, 2018 by

A good mechanic is very similar to having a good doctor. You want someone that is well-qualified and has a good record of success, as well as someone to be thoroughly honest with you – even when the information is not as positive as you prefer.

There are ways to find out about your mechanic. When speaking with your mechanic, in person, look for their certificates of achievement. Did they attend school for their mechanical knowledge? Have they received any special awards or certificates of training? A mechanic will proudly display these around their workstation. If not, ask about their experience!

Additionally, go to the company’s website to see if the mechanic has a profile listed. Although it’s not 100 percent proof of knowledge, the information is usually vetted by the company prior to being posted. Lastly, always trust your gut!

Remember, Nelson Honda has trained mechanics to help you whenever vehicle repairs are needed!

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