Honda Oil Change Service in Martinsville, VA

Clean Oil Means a Happy Engine

It’s hard to overstate just how important regular oil changes (lube oil filter servicing or LOF) are for keeping your engine performing properly and prolonging the life of its many components. Even so, far too many people overlook this relatively quick and affordable piece of preventative maintenance, and that can lead to serious, often costly problems further down the road.

If you wait until the warning light comes on or you leave changing your oil and filter until your annual service comes around, there’s every chance unseen damage is being done that could shorten the life of your engine and stop your Honda from performing the way it’s supposed to.

A LOF service here at Nelson Honda in Martinsville can be quickly carried out for you by our Honda-trained and certified technicians. Give us a call if you’re not sure if your oil and filter are due for changing, or to book your Honda in for a LOF service to keep your engine happy.