Why You Should Consider Purchasing a Hatchback

The vehicle that you drive will affect much when it comes to your life, and the team here at Nelson Honda is interested in getting you into a vehicle that will work out well for you. We feel that a hatchback could be a good choice for you and this type of vehicle is something that you should consider purchasing.

You can create more cargo space in a hatchback - by folding down the rear seat - than you will get in a sedan. The hatchback is a good investment because it often has a better resale value than a sedan does…

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Choosing a Good Mechanic Includes Knowing Their Experience

A good mechanic is very similar to having a good doctor. You want someone that is well-qualified and has a good record of success, as well as someone to be thoroughly honest with you – even when the information is not as positive as you prefer.

There are ways to find out about your mechanic. When speaking with your mechanic, in person, look for their certificates of achievement. Did they attend school for their mechanical knowledge? Have they received any special awards or certificates of training? A mechanic will proudly display these around their workstation. If not, ask about experience! 

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Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late – Prevent Blowouts Now

Considering blowouts are one of the leading causes of accidents in Martinsville and across the globe, it’s a shame that they’re so very easy to prevent. It just takes a little preventative maintenance and regular inspections.

TPMS Light

If your car has a tire pressure sensor, and its light goes on, don’t ignore it like the generic “service engine soon” light – check your pressure right away.

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Reasons Your Engine May be Overheating

If you are doing your daily errands in Martinsville and you suddenly realize that the temperature dial for your car's engine is starting to tick upwards, you might notice that it's going to continue to tick upwards rather quickly.

If your car starts to overheat, there are a couple of reasons it might be doing this and almost none of them are good. 

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Take Steps To Avoid Hydroplaning

Hydroplaning is when water comes between the road and your tires. It happens when your tires encounter more water than they can move. Hydroplaning happens fast, and the gliding sensation can be very scary. You can, however, take steps to prevent hydroplaning.

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The Role of the Exhaust System

Your vehicle has an exhaust system that is made up of several different parts. Some of these include the manifold, O2 sensors, muffler and the catalytic converter. The exhaust system is designed to reduce vehicle noise and harmful vehicle emissions in the atmosphere.


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Why is it Important to Monitor Tire Pressure?

Tire pressure is a simple but important item to check on your vehicle. It is a good idea to check the pressure every month. Be sure to check the pressure of your spare tire at the same time.

A car with under-inflated tires costs more money to operate. Under-inflated tires reduce the fuel economy, and tires that are not adequately inflated wear out quicker. That means you’ll be buying new tires sooner than later. A deflating tire can cause dangerous driving conditions. 

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